Wednesday, September 06, 2006

End of semester:: HOME heehee

Finally finished all the assignments and exams...
Including this post I've gone 11 posts~cheer!!
This semester seems so harsh...
But's over now..over now* hohoho
And I'm going home again...
people always say that I go back too frequently,, i ? I don't thing i'm homesick''' I have many friends here and I enjoy the life here,
however still I miss the memories and the people of where I grow up,
One year ago I left, and came to a new envirnment by myself, I've no friends here, no relatives and never been here before. I wonder now can I be so brave to live alone...??
Time passes really fast,
Three semesters have gone already.
It's so excited that after you paid efforts and struggled for the whole 12 or 13 weeks and can go back to meet your family and your old friends, eat at the restaurants that you familiar with and sleep on your old bed~~feel so gd.
p.s. Thx vien for look aftering my kitty.

Friday, September 01, 2006

"Mid Autumn" yeaaaa?


It also known as "Moon Festival", which is kind of traditional Chinese festival, at the 15th August of Chinese lunar calendar,,so it's around September or October every year. It was used to celebrate the success of a revolution in the past. In history, people put some small pieces of paper into the mooncakes for communication for the revolution. But today mooncakes have turned into a "must-eat" item of the festival. And there are so many different favours, beside the traditional egg-yolk fillings, we now have green tea, coffee, chocolate, mango, creative and so deliscious! Incredible!! Here in sydney there're some food stalls and supermarkets start selling these mooncakes now,coooooool ~ check it out in China Town!!
On that day, kids play lanterns and candles on the streets, usually in a group of friends. Since I started schooling, I hang out with my friends on that night every year!! It used to be a school day and we hv to go to school in the morning but it's really excited on that day coz everyone just planning how are we gonna celebrate after school. The next day must be a public holiday so we can play till midnight or ever overnight~~

You know what?? Hong Kong teenagers are so am I. We always melt the candles in a metal mooncake box and wait until it becomes very very hot, and put(should be spray) some water to the box....than the fire will immediately explode to 10 or 15m exciting...but I never dare to do that but just stand away to watch the boys to play such dangerous game. Actually it's super dangerous... Each year there're many people got burnt. Therefore recently the government set up the law, not allowing people doing that again.....But still we like to burn....burn the paper lanterns instead.

For familys, the mid-autumn festival has another special meaning. As that day it must hv a full moon, it signifies reunion of a family. Chinese people like to hv a dinner with all family members gather together, after dinner, chat and eat mooncakes under the moon. Interesting right? I remember one year there was a eclipse just right on the same everyone just went to the beach or some peaks to look at nice to hv such an experience. And how luckly this year I can go back home to celebrate and hv dinner with my family. [Reunion]hahaha=]

But I guess to Australian, it sounds a bit weird......the climatic system is totally opposite with the Northern coming up should be spring and summer. Mid-Autumn is far far away......yea, exactly! If I am staying here in Sydney, I doubted that whether I can ever know which day is the festival.....this year is the 6th October!!Remember that!!

Also, there are so many community activities, performances, games, lantern exhibitions.....too much to remember! REALLY SPEND SOMEDAYS TO HONG KONG to feel that amazing atmosphere!


Friday, August 25, 2006

Spider Cat ::

hey what's up?

I need backup!! Helpppppp!!

combined spider cats!!

Those pictures are found on a kitty's webblog. I love cats, suddenly after I adoptted one from the Cat Protection Society in New Town. Well....but i'm not gonna talk about my kitty, coz that's too much that I wanna say. When looking at the pictures, I recalled my childhood. I was once climbing on the wall like that....crazy!! It's like when we are young, we would do whatever we like, and so naught to climb up a high place then jump to the ground. I even used the long coffee table as a slide''' that's so much fun! Aiiiiii, I wonder if I can ever do it again*0*

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

a lifelong sorrow :: a lifelong memory

This was very much of a chick flick, but suprisingly I was on the edge of having tears rolling down my face when Drew [Orlando Bloom] was looking down at his dead father. The strong sense of family bonding. Reminds me of my parents half way across the world. One would never realise how much a family really matters if they're never been living without them. I can feel the guilt gushing up my throat when I asked if I could go back this Christmas. Possibility is really high now, but I wonder if they really want me back.

And I thought of my grandmother....
She passed away last February. Every one went back to my birthplace, Nanjing, to attend her funeral, but except me....coz i'm still in sydney n everything just so sudden, I even don't know how to react. After watching the film, I really really wanna go back to Nanjing, to see her again, to meet my relatives....My situation is simply the same as Drew, left the hometown for ages and went to places to places.......when I go back, all of them will welcome me and make all kind of food i like, play together, sing together.....but I don't know when, maybe years n years later. Now I feel so regret. Why don't me just go back at that time?? I should, seriously.

Those days when I was packing things, I found a neckace given from my grandma. I miss her so much!!!! I remember the smell of chicken wings and pan fried fillet she made. I remember the soft yelling of hers when me and my sister were fighting. I remember the tickling sensation when her nails scratches my neck as she unbuttoned the top collar for me when I was young. I remember seeing her lying on the table in a peaceful state.

I remember the smile on her gentle face.

People always say: when we are growing up, we seem to see more, learn more, experience more; however we might have forgotten the most important and most beautiful things in our lives. Very true indeed.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pride and Prejudice:: simply and absolutely glorious

This movie is absolutely beautiful. The calmness of the country sceneries. The eleganceof their plain clothing. The fondness of mine towards their well-behaved manners. Last but not least, the romance. It is pure, simple, almost holy. JANE BENNET and MR BINGLEY represent the love at first sight so well that in my sigh I could not help but to wonder if such thing really exists. LIZZIE BENNET and MR DARCY. What can I say about them. The spark in between was almost instantly noticeable in their first encounter. The arrogance in DARCY, and the stubborness in both leading characters lead to their strong bonding, which only came tighter after all the misunderstandings and misjudgements.
The stories strengthens my belief in that every single person on the planet has their own soulmates. We will meet this person throughout our life. Whether or not we will spend the rest of our lives with him/her is a completely different issue. Some might say such statement is ridiculously naive but having a belief is better than pointlessly wandering in the path of life. If the person you love turns into history, why not take it as a sign that it's time to step forward and find or wait for the soulmate to come? Even if the partner in past tense was your soulmate, at least the happiness once existed right? Regret is not wise. Treasure the unforgettable moments deep down in your heart, because you are the only person who is able to taste it.

I should stop this ranting.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Last year, I failed.
This year, thousands of them failed...
Every year, in August, students in Hong Kong who took part in the A-Level exam will receive the result of whether they have an offer in university or not. In Hong Kong, the A-Level (Advance Level) Exam is a public exam for all local students to get into uni. However, it's really really hard and tough.....for every subjucts u hv to sit for 6 hrs per day.....n even u get all passed or even higher result, it doesn't guarantee that u'll hv a degree, many students have very satisfying result but still got no offer, what the hell is going on there??
The main reson is...too little uni quota and too much competition. There are 8 uni in Hong Kong and every year in average at least 60000 students took part in A-Level, only 10% of these students can have a place in university. Moreover, there are other competitors from Mainland China, Taiwan and other countries, local students therefore become so struggled.
And somehow, the education system is not fair enough. Why judge a student just by one exam? Many student pay money to learn the exam skills, they r not gd at academic but exam skills instead!! What a irony. And some of my fds r really clever n study hard but just accidentally sick or not performed well on the exam day. They therefore can't get into uni, sooooo unfair !! It's like wasting two years struggling for noting!! Really makes us desperate......
I hate public exam...I don't know there're how many students still hv to suffer under this old, stubborn, harsh education system, n i don't know if anyone gonna change the system. However if they continue to follow the step, what they trainned for the society are the mechanical students, but not the real talented, interactive one.
What a shame.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

multifunctional dry lavender ::

Last Saturday, I walked around the L'occitane in QVB....wooo, not attracted but its products, but the dry lavender instead. Dropping down $10, I took one pack home for decoration. Sunday morning when I woke up, the whole living room is full of the lavender smell!!! I was so amazed. Not as strong as those electronic air fresheners, but so natural and so real!! That's just incredible. I know lavender has been used as kind of fragrance added in toilette, hand cream, shampoo, soap, room spray and some other similar stuffs. The essential oil of lavender can help relaxing and refreshing. Well, that's nothing new...however when I chatted with my friend, who is a crazy lavender lover, I learnt a lot more...and so much surprised.....
Lavender is eatable. Beside the japenese use it to make creative cheese cake, most people drink it as flower tea, by adding some dry lavender in hot water with honey. It would reduce stress and refine skin. Something unexpected is, it also has been used as medicine to cure headache, stomach-ache, insomnia, cough and bad breath. Just can't imagine how smart human are. Maybe some days later I gonna eat my lavender when I get mad with the assignments.
Of course there're many people like me use lavender as decoration...not for a particular purpose, but just wanna put some plants n flowers there to make home more lively. The French lavender fields are so famous in photography. My mum has one on her office desk. By the way....standing in the extensive violet lavender field is one of my travel dream.
Seriously, lavender has lots of unexpected function....such as a cat toy...if you'd like to. My kitty at home can't stop playing n scratching the dry lavender that I've just bought..makes it everywhere!! Hey if you have a cat at home, better to buy a lavender room spray or a picture, instead of a real one.